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Agimat at Ugat Collection

This mythical collection pays tribute to the essence of Filipino cultural vibrancy. It is crafted from a unique blend of flourishing and rare indigenous botanicals.

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Ube Cream Liqueur

Introducing the world's first Ube Cream Liqueur. Once you open this bottle, all will enjoy it and want more. Multi-awarded in the USA for the flavor, not too sweet, just right.

An innovative blend of sugar cane vodka from Negros Philippines blended with full cream and the star of the show, Filipino Ube.


This deliciously creamy liqueur is a national icon. It's best served chilled. It can easily be consumed as a shot or neat on the rocks, layered on shooters, or a boozy Halo Halo.

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Gayuma Liqueur

Gayuma is a small batched craft spirit with blended ingredients from our botanical library.


A delicious blend of Lychee, Lemongrass and vacuum distilled smoke distillate. The Gayuma Range is perfect for mixing in cocktails or consumed straight as a pleasant tasting liqueur or on the rocks.

The Agimat at Ugat Vodka sugar cane forms the base product of this spirit.

Note: Natural pink color of the liqueur fades over time due to the alcohol content, but taste and quality is not affected.

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Agimat Gin

This mythical gin pays tribute to the essence of Filipino cultural vibrancy. 

It is crafted from a unique blend of flourishing and rare indigenous botanicals.


Spices, floral and citrus such as Ylang Ylang, Dalandan of Luzon, Yutukon, Libas Fruit representing Visayas, Biasong and pink Pomelo from Mindanao are blended with the finest international ingredients.


Some people say its the best gin they have ever tasted, give it a try.

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Agimat at Ugat Vodka

Agimat at Ugat Vodka is a premium triple distilled vodka made from fresh Bacolod sugar cane. 

The sharp heads cut and oily tails are removed in the Philippines largest craft distilling fractioning column down at our plant in Malay Aklan (Boracay).

3 separate distillations runs along with 4 filtration passes though charcoal made from Mindoro coconut husk, the result is the smoothest Craft Vodka in the Philippines.


Try this Vodka and enjoy a new fresh, clean taste compared to many of the world's famous brands.

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Ready on the rocks
or in a cocktail.

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Enjoy solo or mix
with our other spirits.


UBE for All Seasons!

Enjoy the taste of a delicacy in a distillery.
Get our Ube Cream Liqueur in bulk and save big!



Tres Espiritus Ultimate Gin

The Three Spirits Premium Kit

1 x Agimat Gin

1 x Sirena Blue Pea Gin

1 x Sirena Dry Gin

2 x Premium Tonic waters

1 x Assorted Gin Botanicals 

1 x Metal Display Box 

1 x Jigger

**We craft custom or branded kit orders

based on request.

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