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About Destileria Barako

Our story is one of serendipity and love for craft spirits, intertwined with the vibrant culture and bountiful ingredients of the Philippines. Our founders, fueled by this prestigious recognition and their passion for the alcohol industry, decided to embark on a new adventure. Inspired by their past success in producing the World's best Spiced Rum, they set out to create something extraordinary and launched Destileria Barako, a brand that now stands as a testament to their dedication and pursuit of excellence in crafting exceptional spirits.


Destileria Barako is a craft distillery based in the Philippines, specializing in uniquely Filipino flavors, with our flagship product being the award-winning Ube Cream Liqueur.

The current manufacturing capacity of distilled spirits is 12,000 liters or 16,000

bottles per day positioning DB as the leading boutique distillery in the Philippines.

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