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Innovating the Filipino Liquor Industry: A Legacy of Award-Winning Spirits

Destileria Barako is a craft distillery based in the Philippines, specializing in uniquely Filipino flavors, with our flagship product being the award-winning Ube Cream Liqueur.

(From left to right: CEO Tyson Branz, Creative Director Kalel Demetrio, Master Distiller Brendan Green) - Destileria Barako was founded in 2016 with a vision to showcase the flavors of the Philippines and shine a light on its rich history of folklore.

Our story is one of serendipity and love for craft spirits, intertwined with the vibrant culture and bountiful ingredients of the Philippines. Our founders, fueled by this prestigious recognition and their passion for the alcohol industry, decided to embark on a new adventure. Inspired by their past success in producing the World's best Spiced Rum, they set out to create something extraordinary and launched Destileria Barako, a brand that now stands as a testament to their dedication and pursuit of excellence in crafting exceptional spirits.

Having been allured to the white sand beaches of Boracay, they immediately fell in love with the country's unique culture and vibrant botanicals, and were inspired to create Destileria Barako. Guided by a deep appreciation for Philippine folklore and culture, they immersed themselves in the local community, forging relationships with farmers and foraging for botanicals that would infuse their products with exceptional quality and the spirit of the Philippines.

The place where innovation and tradition intertwine to craft the finest and most unique spirits. Nestled in the heart of the Philippines, our 1000L Distillery, built into the bedrock of the enchanting Aklan jungle, captures the magic of Filipino culture and flavors, distilling it into a flavour experience like no other.

Today, Destileria Barako stands as a testament to their vision, crafting internationally awarded artisanal spirits that showcase the distinct flavors of the Philippines and celebrating the remarkable soul of this beautiful archipelago.

At Destileria Barako, we are proud to have built a zero waste manufacturing process. We believe that the secret to creating world-class spirits is in the attention to detail at every stage of the creative process. Not just sourcing unique raw materials and distilling, but creating a product that tells a story about the botanicals and the cultures that keep their history.

What started with a single distillery in the Jungle of Aklan, strategically positioned to harness its abundant flavors is now growing into 3 more production sites to service not only Visayas, Luzon and Mindanao but the entire world.

Currently, we boast an impressive range of nine distinct products, each crafted with meticulous care and showcasing the best of Filipino flavors and lore. But we're not stopping there. With our sights set on innovation, we have exciting plans to launch four more exceptional spirits in the short term, expanding our collection telling new stories and delighting even more discerning palates, as our team of expert craft distillers uphold our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and bringing filipino culture to the fore.

Our products are crafted with Filipino expertise and passion, using only the finest ingredients produced in select regions of the Philippines. Our Ube Cream Liqueur, in particular, has garnered worldwide recognition, having won the title of World's Best Cream Liqueur in 2022.

Agimat at Ugat Collection (from left to right: Agimat Gin, Ube Cream Liqueur, Gayuma Liqueur, and Agimat at Ugat Vodka). From the smoothest creams to the boldest liqueurs, each bottle is a testament to our passion for perfection and the finest ingredients. Elevate your spirit's experience and savor the magic in every sip.

Introducing our exquisitely crafted spirits (from left to right: Sirena Blue Pea Gin, Sirena Dry Gin, Kanto Perya Popcorn Vodka, and Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka)—a testament to the artistry and passion that go into creating every drop of our exceptional spirits. Meticulously designed to embody the soul of the Philippines, these bottles stand as a proud symbol of our heritage and commitment to excellence.

We are also proud of our range of crafted spirits, including vodka, gin, and liqueur, all of which have been recognized and awarded in international competitions. Let's take a look at the award-winning range of flavored spirits, including vodka, gin, and liqueur, that we are proud to offer!

Agimat at Ugat Collection

Introducing the Agimat at Ugat Collection—an enchanting tribute to the vibrant essence of Filipino culture and the embodiment of nature's boundless power. Crafted with the utmost care, this extraordinary collection of bottles encapsulates the belief in the profound gifts of the land. Each bottle is a testament to the convergence of heritage and innovation, showcasing a unique blend of flourishing and rare indigenous botanicals that capture the spirit of the Philippines and the traditions that began it all.

Agimat at Ugat Vodka - A premium triple distilled vodka made from Bacolod sugar cane. Crafted with care in the Philippines' largest distilling column in Malay Aklan, it undergoes 3 separate distillations and 4 charcoal filtrations for the smoothest taste. Experience a fresh, clean flavor that stands out from the world's famous brands.

Inspired by the chemical advancements of the erlenmeyer flask, Agimat at Ugat bottle's shape highlights the roots of distilling and pursuit of scientific perfection that meets the history of filipino culture and sealed with the magic of an Agimat. The Agimat at Ugat Collection finds its roots at Agimat at Ugat Foraging Bar and Kitchen—a haven in Poblacion, Makati, where Filipino roots are magically transformed into exquisite libations.

As an R&D lab during the creation of these bottle labels, Agimat at Ugat Foraging Bar and Kitchen played a pivotal role in shaping the collection's mythological theme and identity. With each sip from these captivating bottles, you immerse yourself in the magic of Agimat at Ugat, where the essence of heritage and the allure of botanicals converge in a truly enchanting experience.

Agimat at Ugat Foraging Bar and Kitchen beckons you into a realm of enchantment, where two distinct floors offer contrasting yet equally captivating experiences. Discover the wonders of the Agimat Floor and the Ugat Floor, each with its own unique charm and allure.

Ube Cream Liqueur

Ube Cream Liqueur brings the fiesta spirit of the Philippines to the world, one pour at a time. Made with the indigenous tuber of the Filipino people, Ube, Ube Cream Liqueur is ritually crafted with local and indigenous botanicals, spices and ingredients using a combination of distillation techniques in a zero-waste process. The ube used in every batch is sourced directly from The Philippines to highlight the best produce of the Philippine islands.

A true masterpiece from the Agimat at Ugat Collection, symbolizing the vibrant essence of Filipino cultural heritage. Crafted with passion and tradition, this liqueur is a testament to the belief in the mystical power of nature's gifts. Encased in a bottle shaped like the erlenmeyer flask and designed with our traditional handwriting "baybayin," our Ube Cream Liqueur embodies the rich history and traditions of the Philippines. The bottle's design features intricate details that pay homage to the roots of our culture, a reminder of the journey from past to present.

Experience the enchanting taste of the Philippines with our Ube Cream Liqueur. Indulge in the rich, velvety blend of native ultra-violet yam and creamy goodness. Elevate your gatherings and celebrations with the iconic flavors of Ube, beautifully crafted for your enjoyment.

Ube Cream Liqueur Awards:

  • SIP Awards 2021 - Innovation Award

  • SIP Awards 2021 - Double Gold Medal

  • World Liqueur Awards 2022 - World's Best Cream

  • SIP Awards 2023 - Innovation Award

  • SIP Awards 2023 - Platinum Medal

  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2023 - Gold Medal

Gayuma Liqueur

Introducing "Gayuma Liqueur" – a captivating small-batch craft spirit that weaves an enchanting spell on your senses. Infused with the exotic essence of lychee and the aromatic touch of lemongrass, this liqueur takes you on a journey to tropical paradise with every sip.

An elixir that draws inspiration from the mystical Agimat at Ugat Collection. The name "Gayuma" itself conjures ancient Filipino enchantment, as it refers to the traditional practice of using charms and spells to captivate the heart and soul. As part of the Agimat at Ugat Collection, Gayuma Liqueur embodies the essence of Filipino cultural heritage and the belief in the power of nature's gifts.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of "Gayuma Liqueur," where meticulous precision meets magical alchemy. This extraordinary spirit takes a unique twist by infusing mesmerizing potions, unlocking a depth of flavors that sets it apart from all others. Crafted with the finest ingredients, every drop of this liqueur boasts a smooth and velvety character, inviting you to savor its exquisite taste in countless delightful ways. Prepare to be spellbound by the allure of "Gayuma Liqueur," a libation that transcends ordinary spirits with its bewitching charm.

Gayuma Liqueur - A small-batched craft spirit with Lychee, Lemongrass, and magic potions. Perfect for cocktails or sipping neat on the rocks. Made with Agimat at Ugat Vodka sugar cane base.

Gayuma Liqueur Awards:

  • SIP Awards 2021 - Gold

  • SIP Awards 2023 - Platinum

Agimat Gin

A true embodiment of Filipino resilience and craftsmanship. Inspired by the Agimat at Ugat Collection, this extraordinary gin pays homage to the mystical roots of our culture and the ancient beliefs in the power of amulets and charms.

Agimat Gin is a testament to the rich biodiversity of the Philippines, crafted from a diverse blend of 11 flourishing and rare indigenous botanicals, each carefully handpicked from different regions to capture the essence of our diverse landscape and cultural vibrancy.

This mythical gin pays homage to the essence of Filipino cultural vibrancy, incorporating a harmonious symphony of flavors and aromas. From the vibrant Luzon region, we source the aromatic Ylang Ylang and zesty Dalandan, while the Visayas region contributes the exotic Yutukon, Libas Fruit, and Biasong. Moving to the enchanting Mindanao, we find the delightful pink Pomelo. These local botanicals are then skillfully blended with the finest international ingredients, creating a gin like no other. The result is a gin that stands as a testament to the unique and diverse heritage of the Philippines, bringing together the vibrant spirit of our land in every bottle.

In every bottle of Agimat Gin, you'll find a harmonious balance of flavors that evoke the spirit of our ancestors and the enchantment of our folklore. The intricate bottle design showcases the beauty of our ancient times, adding a touch of cultural significance to this exceptional spirit.

Agimat Gin Awards:

  • SIP Awards 2021 - Silver

  • SIP Awards 2023 - Silver

Agimat Gin - Experience the essence of Filipino vibrancy in this mythical gin. Crafted with rare indigenous botanicals, including Ylang Ylang, Dalandan, Yutukon, Libas Fruit, Biasong, and pink Pomelo. Discover why some say it's the best gin they've ever tasted.

Kanto Vodka Series

Kanto, where the Filipino spirit of camaraderie and celebration comes to life through the art of tagayan. Inspired by the cherished tradition of passing drinks among friends, Kanto was meticulously crafted to be the perfect libation that encapsulates the essence of togetherness and joy.

With a nod to the cherished tagayan, Kanto offers a drink that is not just meant to be savored individually but is crafted with the intention to be smooth enough to sip and sweet enough to share. Each sip is a delightful journey that captures the heart of Filipino hospitality, as friends come together to celebrate life's moments both big and small.

Kanto's meticulous blend of flavors and the finest ingredients pay homage to the rich tapestry of Filipino culture, weaving together a harmonious symphony of taste that dances on the palate.

Kanto was born out of a deep appreciation for the distinct tagayan drinking tradition cherished by Filipinos, inspired by the vibrant streets of Manila. In the heart of the bustling city lies a tapestry of diversity, where societal classes intertwine, and the rich tapestry of different backgrounds and lifestyles blend harmoniously. It is a city where the dirt and dust of hard work are intertwined with the sophistication of its own history.

With a strong desire to celebrate the essence of camaraderie and togetherness, Kanto set out on a mission to create the most delightful and flavorful drink that would resonate with every Pinoy's heart. At the heart of our endeavor lies the genuine intent to craft a libation that embodies the spirit of unity and friendship, a beverage that brings joy to the gatherings of friends and loved ones.

No matter where you come from or what your background may be, Kanto is a place where everyone is welcomed. It's where Filipinos from all walks of life can come together at any simple table, on an avenue, or at a common corner, and share a shot that transcends societal boundaries.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant street corners, where laughter and stories flow freely, Kanto's vision is to infuse those same qualities into every bottle, turning each gathering into a lively fiesta. Our carefully curated and masterfully crafted concoctions are a tribute to the warmth and openness of the Filipino culture, capturing the very essence of what makes us truly unique.

Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka

The pride of Filipino Craft Flavored Vodkas, delights the taste buds with its exquisite taste and premium ingredients. Crafted with utmost care, Kanto captures the essence of the Philippines' unique tagayan drinking style, offering a delightful libation for all Pinoys to share with friends.

At the heart of this exceptional creation lies a meticulous blend of flavors that takes you on a delightful journey with every sip. Distilled from the finest sugar cane vodka sourced from Negros, Kanto lays the foundation for a smooth and refined base. The addition of luscious muscovado lends a rich and velvety sweetness, tantalizing the palate with its complex depth of flavors.

But the true magic of Kanto Salted Caramel lies in the carefully balanced infusion of sea salt, which elevates this crafted vodka to new heights of indulgence. The subtle, savory notes of sea salt complement the sweetness of caramel, creating a harmonious symphony of tastes that dance on your tongue.

Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka Awards:

  • SIP Awards 2019 - Double Gold

  • SIP Awards 2021 - Double Gold

  • SIP Awards 2023 - Double Gold

Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka - Kanto was created to pay homage to the Filipino’s unique tagayan drinking style, by making the most delicious drink for all Pinoys to share with friends. A delicious blend of sugar cane vodka from Negros, combined with muscovado and sea salt.

Kanto Perya Popcorn Vodka

Kanto set out to craft libations that embody the spirit of camaraderie and the joy of togetherness shared at the vibrant "perya" festivities.

Imagine the allure of a lively "perya," where attractions, dances, and music make you want to stay forever young and have endless fun. Bottled within this vodka is the essence of that exhilarating experience, brought to life with every sip. Kanto Perya Popcorn Vodka takes you on a nostalgic journey to those carefree moments of laughter and celebration, making it a drink that not only delights the taste buds but also evokes the spirit of youthful exuberance.

At the core of this exceptional creation lies a meticulous blend of ingredients that harmonize in a symphony of flavors. Distilled from the finest sugar cane vodka sourced from Negros, Kanto Perya Popcorn lays the foundation for a smooth and sophisticated base, setting the stage for a truly unique experience.

But what truly sets Kanto Perya Popcorn apart is its ingenious infusion with a popcorn party favor. This playful twist elevates the drinking experience to new heights, as the familiar and comforting notes of buttery popcorn intermingle with the smooth vodka, creating an enchanting dance of flavors that surprises and delights the palate.

Kanto Perya Popcorn Vodka Awards:

  • SIP Awards 2021 - Silver

Kanto Perya Popcorn Vodka - A masterpiece born from the heart of Filipino craftsmanship, Kanto Perya Popcorn Vodka captivates the senses with its extraordinary taste and innovative infusion of flavors.

Sirena Collection

The Sirena Collection, distilled with 11 locally and internationally sourced botanicals, including Philippine favorites Sampaguita, Pink Pomelo, and Rambutan, is a mesmerizing tribute to the beauty and allure of Aklan's coastal wonders. Drawing inspiration from the pristine beaches and the rich botanical treasures found in the region, this collection is a reflection of the founder's deep admiration for the enchanting beauty of a Filipina, whose allure is as captivating as the sands and waves that surround her.In crafting the Sirena Collection, the founder dedicated his first works to capture the essence of the Filipina's allure and the magical charm of the coastal landscapes.

At the heart of this captivating gin lies the essence of Philippine favorites—the ethereal Sampaguita, delicate and fragrant, blooms like stars on a moonlit night, infusing the spirit with an air of romance and allure. Pink Pomelo, a citrus treasure from local shores, adds a burst of tangy sweetness that dances on the palate like sparkling sea spray, refreshing and invigorating.

Sirena Dry Gin

Distilled with utmost artistry and an intriguing fusion of 11 meticulously sourced botanicals, both local and international. At the heart of this captivating gin lie three treasured Philippine favorites—the enchanting Sampaguita, the vibrant Pink Pomelo, and the exotic Rambutan, each lending their unique charms to create an extraordinary taste that will leave you spellbound.

Sirena Dry Gin offers a modern take on the classic dry style, expertly balancing the unmistakable essence of juniper with a new era craft gin approach. Every sip is a symphony of flavors, where the traditional juniper-forward profile harmonizes with the tantalizing essence of Philippine botanicals, transporting your taste buds to a realm of uncharted taste experiences.

Sirena Dry Gin Awards

  • SIP Awards 2019 - Platinum

Sirena Blue Pea Gin

A gin that dances gracefully on your palate and delights your senses. Crafted with exceptional artistry, this gin is a symphony of 14 thoughtfully curated botanicals, sourced both locally and internationally, including beloved Philippine treasures: the enchanting Sampaguita, the zesty pink pomelo, and the striking blue pea flower.

The magic of the Sirena Blue Pea Gin extends beyond its exquisite taste and aromatic profile. When acids are introduced, the gin undergoes a mesmerizing color change, thanks to the alkaline nature of the blue pea flower. Watch in awe as the deep ocean blues transform into a blush of seductive pinks simply by adding citrus or tonic water.

Sirena Blue Pea Gin heralds a new era in gin craftsmanship, boasting a contemporary style that bursts with vibrant citrus and captivating floral notes, perfectly harmonized to create an exquisite taste that transcends the ordinary. Each sip unveils a world of flavors, inviting you to embark on an extraordinary journey of taste exploration.

Sirena Blue Pea Gin Awards

  • SIP Awards 2018 - Double Gold

  • SIP Awards 2019 - Double Gold

  • SIP Awards 2019 - Consumers' Choice Award

But that’s not the end of it.

Bacon Vodka

In the realm of creativity and innovation, Destileria Barako embarked on a wild and adventurous journey – a quest to craft a vodka that would redefine the classic Bloody Mary cocktail with a unique twist. And thus, the idea of Bacon Vodka was born – a daring fusion that would tantalize taste buds and ignite the imagination.

There's no denying the universal love for bacon, and what better way to capture its essence than by infusing it into a smooth and flavorful vodka? The concept might have seemed audacious at first, but as the magic of experimentation unfolded, the result was nothing short of extraordinary – a vodka that embraced the smoky, savory allure of bacon, giving Bloody Mary a whole new dimension of taste and delight.

While it all started as a wild thought, Bacon Vodka has become a symbol of our willingness to take risks and experiment, embracing the art of distilling with a playful and daring spirit. As we continue on this thrilling journey, we may just find that Bacon Vodka secures a permanent spot on our shelf, a testament to the unexpected joys of exploring the uncharted and the magic that can arise from a simple twist.

Bacon Vodka - Asia's first bacon-infused premium vodka. Made from a base of fresh Negros, Philippines sugar cane infused with Smoked Bacon and smoke seasoning. The combination is steeped for 48hrs to allow the flavor molecules to attach, we use our vacuum distillation technique to extract the flavor, perfect for Bloody Mary's and other savory cocktails.

We believe in highlighting the richness of our culture and heritage through our spirits. That's why we use local, foraged ingredients, and traditional techniques to create our products. Our commitment to quality and authenticity has led us to win multiple awards and recognition, both locally and internationally.

As we continue to expand, we are excited to bring the unique taste of the Philippines to the world. We are looking to forge partnerships with distributors worldwide, to help us bring our spirits to more people and to share our love for Philippine craftsmanship.

Looking towards the future, we have big plans for Destileria Barako. We're continually experimenting with new flavors and products, and we're excited to share them with the world. Our focus remains on crafting high-quality, unique spirits that showcase the best of the Philippines, while also championing sustainability and supporting our local community.

Sirena Dry Gin and Sirena Blue Pea Gin - Introducing Sirena Dry Gin - a modern twist on dry gins with 11 locally and internationally sourced botanicals, including favorites like Sampaguita, Pink Pomelo, and Rambutan. Experience the classic juniper flavor blended with a craft gin approach, making it a unique and delightful choice. Discover Sirena Blue Pea Gin, a visually stunning and vibrant small-batch gin. Distilled with 14 botanicals, including Philippine favorites like Sampaguita, Pink Pomelo, and Blue Pea Flower, this gin offers big citrus and floral bursts - perfect for G&Ts and cocktails. Watch the colors transform from deep ocean blues to seductive pinks with just a splash of citrus or tonic water.

Whether you're a local or a visitor to the Philippines, we invite you to taste the flavors of Destileria Barako and experience the richness of our culture through our spirits. From our award-winning Ube Cream Liqueur to our range of flavored spirits, we're committed to bringing you the best in Filipino craftsmanship, quality, and taste.

At Destileria Barako, we believe that spirits aren't just about the taste, but also about the experience. We want to share the stories and history behind our craft, and take you on a journey through the flavors of the Philippines. Our commitment to quality and taste is reflected in every bottle we produce, and we take pride in bringing our unique flavors to the world.

Whether you're enjoying our spirits in the comfort of your own home or sharing them with friends and family, we hope that they will transport you to the Philippines and give you a taste of our rich culture. So come and join us on this journey, and let's raise a glass to the flavors of Destileria Barako.

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