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About Agimat Bar - When In Manila

News coverage about Agimat and Ugat in Manila.

Blog Excerpt:

Poblacion has become more or less everyone’s go-to place today for a drink or two, or even just to eat their heart out. Its streets are full of life and people walking from one alley to another. In the city’s outskirts, however, near the residential area, lies a traditional two-storey bahay na bato-looking place where you will spot a Filipino-inspired foraging bar and kitchen on its second floor called Agimat.

Agimat is not the normal Filipino bar and kitchen that serves the usual wine, beers, cocktails, and whatnot. The establishment has a Filipino folk vibe and they demonstrate local rituals, as well as serve their own classic drinks and food in a bar (all of which are local).

Their bar kitchen has a dark folk ambiance where you will spot faux branches accompanied by anting-anting hanging on each branch.

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